Online Transaction

Internet Transaction

Our mutual fund products can be easily access via Bualuang iBanking offered by Bangkok Bank

The unitholders can enjoy the following transactions via Bualuang iBanking from their connected online devices:

  • Subscription of BF mutual fund products
  • Redemption of BF mutual fund products
  • Switching of units
  • Inquiries of current MF units balance

How to apply for Bualuang iBanking account? 

  • Identification Card with the 13 digits number.  In the case of a foreigner, you can provide passport.
  • Please provide a passbook of the existing BF mutual funds that you want to link onto Ibanking
  • Savings account passbook with Bangkok Bank
  • Work permit that is still valid or proof of residency (Foreigners)


Please download the following application form via

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