1. Investment in unit trusts differ from bank deposits and contains investment risks. Investors are advised to invest in a unit trust only when deemed suited to his or her investment objectives and that the risk exposure is acceptable.

  2. In certain extraordinary circumstances, the investor may receive redemption proceeds from an open end fund later than the time specified in the prospectus.

  3. For open end funds that must maintain liquid assets, the investor be unable to fully redeem units intended if the fund has insufficient liquidity.

  4. Funds are legal entities that are separated from the management company itself. BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd. is therefore not obligated to compensate for losses sustained by the funds. As such, the fund performance is neither affected by the financial status or the operating performance of BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd.

  5. The management company may invest in securities or assets for its own accounts in similar manner to securities or assets that the management company invests for the funds' benefit. To ensure investors are fairly treated, procedures are in place to protect against potential conflict of interests.

  6. Funds (Specific Fund) which feature less diversification than general benchmarks will contain higher risks arising from its greater concentration of weightings in individual companies.

  7. Funds which intend to invest or maintain exposure in derivatives to seek a return from these financial instruments:

    7.1 Contain higher risks than regular funds and is suited to investors who aims for a higher return and can accept a higher level of risk than general investors.

    7.2 Investors are advised to invest in these funds only after they have understood the risk implications posed by these derivatives and have reassessed the funds' suitability against their own investment expertise, investment objectives, and financial status.

  8. Investors should review and fully understand information that is presented in the prospectus. The prospectus should be kept for future reference. Please consult your Investor Contact to clarify any issues before investing in the funds.

  9. Should investors require additional information, investors may request the prospectus from the management company or selling agent.

  10. Investors may examine other relevant issues which may affect their investment decision, such as connected party transactions, at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or through their website (https://www.sec.or.th)

  11. Issues applicable only to Retirement Mutual Funds (RMF) and Long Term Equity Mutual Funds (LTF)

    11.1 Investors are not permitted to transfer, finance, or pledge the units (particularly Retirement Mutual Funds and Long Term Equity Mutual Funds).

    11.2 Unitholders may lose tax privileges from failure to comply with terms and conditions of investments in these funds specified by Revenue Department. In such event, investors would be liable to return tax benefits previously received within the specified time frame or incur additional charges and/or interest according to the tax Revenue Code. Investors are therefore advised to fully review and understand the terms and conditions of investing in Retirement Mutual Funds and Long Term Equity Mutual Funds. This includes seeking clarification as necessary and obtaining the tax manual from the management company or selling agent. When filing for a tax deduction for investment in these funds, investors must submit investment summary notification issued by the management company for investments in Retirement Mutual Funds and Long Term Equity Mutual Funds along with Income Tax Forms 90 and 91, as applicable.

  12. Fund’s historical performance does not guarantee returns that can be expected in the future.

  13. Investment contains risks. Investors are advised to study relevant information carefully before making an investment.

  14. Fund performance measurements presented on this website are in accordance to fund performance measurement standards of the Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC).

  15. The management company reserves the right to amend, enhance, or modify information provided on this website without prior notice.

  16. The management company, its management and staff are not responsible for any damages which may arise from information or technical problems affecting website viewers and investors using this website.

  17. The management company permits its staff to own personal investment accounts, but in accordance to ethical standards or regulations specified by the AIMC. Staff must disclose investment activities to the management company which will oversee and supervise staff trading.

  18. Investors may obtain further information on shareholder voting policy and votes exercised at www.bblam.co.th

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